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If you know any dog friendly businesses in the metro area, please                                                                                      contact me and I will add them to the list on this page. I would love to                                                                        have my guests, customers, friends, and family support the businesses 

that support the companionship our dogs provide for all of us!

Dog Friendly Places 

The Afternoon

3157 Farnam

10am-7pm Mon-Thur

10am-9pm Fri and Sat

10am-5pm Sun

Dog friendly store

Black Oak Grill Patio

220 S 31st Ave

11am-9pm Sun thru Thur

11am-11pm Fri and Sat

Dog friendly patio


6104 Maple St

2pm-2am Mon-Friday

12pm-2am Sat and Sun

Dog friendly Bar inside and out

Benson Brewery

6059 Maple St

11am-11pm Mon-Thur

11am-12am Fri-Sat


Blue Line Coffee Dundee

4924 Underwood Ave

6:45am-8pm Mon-Thur

6:45am-7pm Friday

7:30am-7pm Saturday

8am-7pm Sunday

Dog friendly patio

Cantina Laredo

120 S 31st Ave

11am-9pm Sun-Thur

11am-11pm Fri and Sat

Dog friendly patio

The Green Spot

1110 S 71st St, Ste K

10am-8pm Mon-Fri

Closed Sunday

Pet Store

Half Priced Books

12355 West Center Rd

9am-9pm Mon-Sat

10am-8pm Sun

Book Store

Howlin' Hounds

712 S. 16th St

7am-4pm Tue-Fri

9am-4pm Sat-Sun

Coffee Shop


3333 N 147 St

6am-10pm Mon-Sat

8am-8pm Sun

Home Improvement

Old Chicago

13110 Birch Dr

11 am - 2 am Mon-Sun

Dog Friendly Patio


2450 Harney

11am-7pm Mon-Fri

11am-5pm Sat

Closed Sunday

Pet Store

Woof & Whiskers

3506 N 147 St #128

10am-8pm Mon-Sat

12pm-5pm Sun

Pet Store

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